Thursday, 27 October 2011


Desperate to get out with the camera while we were away in Pembrokeshire over the weekend, I decided on a trip to Cardigan to see a Ring billed Gull which had been around for over a week. Armed with Gull bait, (bread)  it didn`t take long for it to show, though it soon ignored the bread and returned to the mud of the river bank. I gave up and made my way to find the wife who had taken the dog for a walk. Remembering what a friend had told me 20 years ago, " if you want to see Otters the best place is Cardigan, under the bridge" so I  got into position and within a few minutes found a family of  four playing and fishing near the other side of the river.
After about an hour they swam in, climbed the bank, crossed the path and made their way presumably to their Holt.

Amazing and I hope to go back again soon!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Snow Bunting

Decided this morning to pop down to Newton for this Snow Bunting. They are always approachable and with good light you can`t go wrong.
As I arrived I recieved a text message of a Yellow-browed Warbler at Lavernock so found the Bunting and gave it 15 minutes too which it did very little but feed, so here are a few boring shots of it.

The YBW showed only briefly so very little chance of that this coming week!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Glossy Ibis at Watermill, Ogmore.

Dropped in to The Watermill this afternoon but the Ibis was too jumpy and when it flew closer I had the sun in my eyes, still great to see in Glamorgan.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Great Skua

Having spent the weekend in Pembs. I decided to call in to Swansea on the way home  in the hope of seeing this Cracker on the breakwater. With great late afternoon light and the bird as close as you would like, taking fish scraps from fishermen.  Never seen a Bonxie this close, it was even bigger than I thought!