Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Long billed Dowitcher.

This juvenile Long billed Dowitcher spent a few days up at Rhaslas Pond near Merthyr.
A great find by Mike Hogan.Working your local patch pays off eventually!
 This site is in serious danger of being lost to opencast mining, A real shame, such a place with little disturbance and great potential of good birds!
This is only the second Long billed Dowitcher in Glamorgan, the first on the Rumney estuary in 1987 to which I saw also.
It was one of those birds that you just have to sit still and it will walk up to you! Brilliant!

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Pembrokeshire Isabelline Wheatear

I had to wait 4 agonizing days before I could get down to Pembs because of work commitments.
I arrived on friday evening to the caravan and Saturday I was in position. The day proved fruitless with Seal watchers and too many other Toggers and a few birders.
Sunday was better. Quieter it was, but the light was poor!
At times the Isabelline would run up to me taking insects and chasing the two Northern Wheatears away! I had stayed in my same position for abou t4 hours and had the birds complete confidence!