Saturday, 18 December 2010

Thrushes and Starling.

Had to make the most of these conditions, a scary drive out to Llanishen was worth it but no Waxwings.


  1. Is that an example of Turdus vulgaris in the middle Steve?

  2. Great shots Steve, love the first Starling one.

  3. Hi Steve
    Great shots as usual as are the others you have posted,Waxwings seem to be so hit+miss at the moment,I called in for 15 mins on Sunday p.m and there were 50-60 around Fishguard Road,only problem was they were staying very high in the trees so not easy to photograph.
    Congrats btw on creating a great blog.

    Kindest regards,
    "An also ran"

  4. I agree Jeff, doesn`t seem to be any settled, well not in the right place anyway. Keep trying.
    I may post a few From the past shots.