Wednesday, 8 June 2011

White Throated Robin.

Trapped at 8.30 at Hartlepool Headland was the message on my pager as I was about to arrive at my first of about 11 calls on Monday. I then called Slaphead who was also too busy and we both agreed it was too awkward to drop tools and just go. The whole week was also going to be busy with Saturday ruled out. I was going to have let this go and carried on with work feeling miserable and my mind really not with it.
  About 9.30 Cliff woodhead rang saying that him and Dave Palmer were leaving very soon and did I want a lift, well that just made things worse, I told him no, but thanks.
   Another 15 minutes past and thought, sod it !! I rang Cliff to say if they would wait for me I would go. so from that second the twitch was on, I had to drive home -15 mins, change- grab bag and speed to Cardiff Gate. Breaking the speed limit just a little bit.
We arrived on site about 5 hours later and everyone looking well pissed off it hadn`t showed for 90mins or so. Another hour or so passed until there appeared to be some excitement down the road, I made my way down only to be told that birders were watching it from the roof of a van, there was a 9ft wall around the garden and it was the only way to view the garden.  Adreneline started to rush, I was standing next to the van in the right place at the right time!then a guy with a ladder arrived put it up next to me ( there is a god I thought) within 5 mins I had seen it!!
   Subsequently I saw it again later when the crowds dispersed, on the 3rd time I climbed the ladder it hopped on to the lawn, still a little far but a photo all the same.
The long drive home would have been awful if we had dipped, a lifer for me! Superb, twitching at it`s best!!

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