Monday, 19 November 2012

Cirl Buntings. Just for a change.

A trip to south Devon has been talked about for a while now, so, myself and Nigel Addecott decided on the last minute that we should give it a go with good light predicted in the morning.
As it turned out it wasn`t quite as easy as we had thought. The dreaded dog walkers were a problem, constantly parading dogs around the car park. Kiddies on motorised bikes and little old ladies who just walked between us and the hedgerow and not giving it a second thought untill a few sarcastic comments were thrown at them. That happened on 2 occasions!
The birds were nearly always about, but only when it was very quiet did they venture out to the edge of the hedgerow then on the seed!
Birds with seed in their bills never a good natural shot, a bit like a Pecker on a nut feeder!
So one day we will have another go during mid week when it would be quieter!

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