Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cardiff Waxwings

Trying to get some good shots of this most amazing bird is not so easy .
The streets are narrow with people constantly flushing them as they come and go.
Of course the light hasn`t been that kind either. Perhaps another go midweek or a different set up. We shall have to wait!


  1. Amazing looking bird, i didn't realise the detail in the wing fathers or the yellow tail tip. nice one!

  2. ... stunning photos, I shall enjoy coming back again and again. Cindy

  3. Great shot and series
    beautiful bird ...ever seen in my region ( Tuscany )

  4. gewldig mooi wat een hele mooie fijne kleuren heeft hij en door deze lichtval n
    komt het er heel goed uit.p.s. nog bedankt dat jij mijn log wilde bezoeken,dat stel ik zeer op prijs.