Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fox Cubs.

A phone call from a friend telling me that at least 2 Fox cubs come and play on the lawns at various times during the day where he works.
The next afternoon I thought I would suss out the area and set up, for an early start the next morning.
I waited an hour or so but nothing. I then walked around the fields that were adjacent to the garden and discovered 2 cubs resting and occasionally walking about.The one disappeared  down a hole which I then realised was the den which was an unused Badger set.
Following day I moved in (trying to avoid the young cows which were chasing everything that moved) the cows eventually came my way and I decided to get into deeper cover, they soon moved off!
After 3 hours, eventually a cub emerged from the bank which was a pathway to the garden. It walked about in and out of cover for about 5 minutes. At one point it came too close, under a camouflage cover it never saw me!
Since that second visit I have tried twice with no more sightings.


  1. perfect shots perfectly over such nice looking one especially ...
    in our buildings but all three are unoccupied or the parents shot down ..
    regards Frank

  2. Nice one Steve, like the first one with the reflections in the eye's. i had a similar experience with a leveret coming too close - then my card said full !!

  3. Hi Steve , been away diving, Damsel fly shot taken up at the grasslands at Aberbargoed.
    can't get comment posted on the other site !!