Sunday, 12 February 2012

Purple Sandpiper and Smew.

Saturday morning was very cold and frosty with good light early on, then later whites were burning out in bright sunshine.
Ogmore was to be the first call. No Hovering Kestrel or Little Owls in the usual spots so I thought I would give the Purple Sands a visit, always guaranteed a few shots there if the tide is high!
Moved on to the estuary where 7 Dark bellied Brents were just waiting for the next dog walker to flush them off! Then I decided on a Gull check at Potobello. 20 Goldeneye though little else.
A message that a `Redhead` Smew was at Hendre Lake so I left to give that a try.
The Smew never really came close enough for any good shots. Perhaps it will stay!


  1. Nice shots Steve,lovely light but as you say it did get a bit too harsh later in the day.
    The Smew was frustrating as it didn't quite come close enough for a really good shot.

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