Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Black-necked Grebe at Cosmeston

A late morning call from Alex Bevan to say he had just found 2 summer plumage B n Grebes at Cosmeston got me wanting to dash down straight away. ( just a 20 min drive)
Cosmeston gets very busy and the light for photography can be awkward, especially in the afternoon so I gave it an hour. The rain would keep visitor numbers down and with the odd brief spell of sunlight I decided to give it a go.
B n grebes are incredible birds to see anyway! As I reached the boardwalk M Powell and Jake were just leaving but they said they had been showing very well.
Bob Mitchell had arrived before me and was waiting for shots, we both moved along to the wooded edge and waited and bingo! they played ball! After waiting for over 2 hours for the rain to ease the light improved for 20 mins and another brief session.
No sign of them the following day!

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  1. really nice colours on the last one Steve,
    Cheers Tim