Friday, 8 June 2012

Grasshopper Warbler.

This Bank Holiday I spent 5 days in the caravan in Pembs . After a very busy time in work and in that hot weather the chance of a `lie in` was welcome. Only on Wednesday morning did I find enough enthusiasm  to get out.
News of a Rose-coloured Starling at Martins Haven was a must and with some good light  I arrived at 6.15 and pleased with myself for not having to pay the car park attendant his £4.00 (the bastard gets me every time) 5 mins later he arrived... Yes!! don`t leave till 10 o`clock!!
No sign of the Starling so I made my way up to the Coastguards hut, always a good vantage point to scan the Deer Park.
Watching a few Linnets I glimpsed movement in a Gorse bush just a few feet away. 2 Groppers  with bills of food were, I thought feeding young. I stared in disbelief then got the camera out, although they were still there the light was dull , a little too early for a shot, managed a few anyway. I then walked back a few yds and lost them.
15 mins later I found them again, this time they were in and out of a Gorse bush just 6 ft from the path which later became very busy with people killing time before they went to Skomer. By now the light was better though not sunshine. One of the birds almost always flew directly to the nest even when a few walkers passed by. The other bird always perched up about 10 yds away and then flew in. I moved closer for a few shots then moved back. I did this a few times then went looking for the Starling (which never showed) On my return the path was getting busy but the parents were still in with food and out with faecal sacks . A few more shots then moved away, happy with the shots and not wishing to disturb them.

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  1. Nice stuff Steve , makes you wonder how many insects a day they catch !!