Friday, 22 June 2012

Male Common Redstarts

Here`s a selection of 2 different birds. From Gwent and Powys.
Since Redstarts arrived in the spring I had decided to spend some time trying to photograph them.
Found a few here and there but then knew this wasn`t going to be easy until a friend showed us a nesting pair.
Then over a few hours over a few days we observed and eventually acquired some lovely shots. The male wasn`t really bothered at all, the female on the other hand at first was a little nervous but accepted our presence and carried on taking food to the young.
We stood back and watched most of the time then when the light was good we got a little closer for a few shots.
Food has not been so plentiful this year with the cold weather so we helped out with their diet a little.

The Gwent bird was very easy and even came to the owner of the garden`s hand for mealworms.
Pied Fly, Siskin and Redpoll on offer there also.

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