Thursday, 1 December 2011

The morning shift.

With good light promised this morning I thought I would give the Wharf another crack before work.
Yet again it was so frustrating. The auto focus failed to find it`s target when they flew close enough. Just to make it worse 4 of them just sat on the bank too far for a decent shot. I finally gave up, feeling stiff and aching after trying to sit still for a few hours, I new there was one sat in amongst the grass and rocks and did manage a head shot.
Still waiting for my new monopod to arrive, my other is taped up after sunday`s roll of bad luck! Lost reading glasses, lost spare battery and broke both fixings on monopod while Owls fly around my head!
With sunshine  forecast for friday morning I can`t resist another few hours, then tearing back to work...fingers crossed.

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