Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Isabelline Shrike.

It must be 20 years since I last saw an Isabelline Shrike so when this beauty arrived at Porth Clais near St. Davids I new sooner or later I would go and see it. With great photos of it on various websites and unable to go on Sunday ,Tuesdays` weather was looking good with overnight rain on monday, very good chance it would still be there.
Rob Mitchell and I arrived early, and after about an hour it showed on tall weeds in the middle of the field but eventually came down to the gate to where we were waiting.


  1. Phew! that was close Steve,it looks like the Shrike did look at the moon and pack its bags.Fabulous morning,shame about the afternoon,maybe next time.

  2. Hello friends,

    The plumage is isabelline, the sandy colour which gives rise to its name. It has a red tail. Young birds can be distinguished from young red-backed shrikes by the much sparser vermiculations on the underparts. Thanks a lot....

    Wildlife Photographer