Monday, 7 November 2011

Isabelline Wheatear.

News of an Izzy Wheatear at Wernfrwyd on the Gower on Saturday afternoon was too good to believe!
I never expected it to stay with a very clear night.
An early morning text from Mark Hipkin saying it was still there, and with the sun shining I just had to go!
 So, Nigel Addicott, Alun Hughes and myself arrived with the bird showing reasonably well, running very quickly from one pile of horse shit to the next pile! I decided that with the bird moving left I would wait at the furthest `pile`, gradually it came closer and closer. This I did twice and the Wheatear responded moving away from the loud crowd of birders assembled.
One or two local birders mouthed off (names witheld) when I left the crowd and stayed to the track, one of the comments I heard was "Look out here we go" simply because I walked a little closer to get a shot which the bird was about 40 yds away! but still on the track.
Hope these guys appreciate the photographs when they next recieve their Bird Report!

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  1. Great shots Steve,only wish I'd been able to stay longer and get a bit closer,still there's always next weekend !! (Ever the optimist)