Thursday, 17 November 2011

Short-eared Owls.

As winter approaches there appears to be an influx of Short-eared Owls into Britain. They are being recorded in good numbers in most Counties.
Glamorgan usually gets a few in most years. Llanilid, being most reliable with 2 this winter. These are not playing the game and are hunting late in the afternoons when the light is gone!
But these at Rumney Great Wharf are at the moment  hunting at 2 o`clock and are at least 6 birds present!

When you see these Owls up close they are more like mammals than birds, they are watching your every move and photographing them is not easy, well, getting close enough.... Guess I got lucky!
If they continue to stay and hunt early afternoons then i`m sure there will be some stunning shots. Untill then.


  1. Excellent! Steve.I'll keep trying ,these opportunities don't come around often.I'm going to take every chance i get and enjoy them while they're here.

  2. I'll second that,it's going to be good fun over the winter if they stay around attempting to get that "one" shot.

  3. Great shots Steve! I've only spotted them a couple of times and it's been very dark and not good for photography.

  4. Hi Steve
    Nice images
    if when you were taking these shots some Pratt walked under the bank disturbing the owls , it was probably me !!
    i only saw you when i got down by the rocks.

  5. Great set of shots, can't get enough of them myself, they are fascinating to watch, hope they stay a while; there were nine birds this morning.

  6. Cheers Ray, Yep there is something special about Owls.
    Only 3 appeared, too late in the afternoon today. It`s about being set up in the right place away from anyone else.